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  • Finding Leaks - Holdem Manager

    So I have played 450 tournaments but still no final table. I am doing the masterclass course and have learned a lot, but I am still struggling to make progress. I have attached my current stats for each position over the last month.

    What reports do people use in Holdem Manager to help them find leaks? Or indeed any other advice on these stats that might be useful?

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    The following stats I obtain from PT4. This is something I periodically check myself to look for leaks. I'll do some brief commentary below:
    Stats Min Value Max Value 01/01/21 to 31/05/21 Description
    VPIP 19 24.99 20.8 Voluntarily put money in pot
    PFR% 14 19.99 15.6 Preflop Raise %
    PFR/VPIP 65 82.99 72.1 Ratio of raising to calling.
    Aggression%: 34 40.99 44 % of bet/raise in relation to check/call
    Positional Awarness (Unopened): 0.45 0.549 Ratio of EP raises vs LP raises
    Positional Awarness (Facing RFI): 0.4 0.599 Ratio of hands played vs RFI in EP vs LP
    Stealing & Blind Defence:
    Steal% 33 37.99 36 % that player opens pot from CO, BTN, SB.
    SB Reraise Steal 13 19.99 13.6 % that player raises from SB vs a CO or BU open
    BB Reraise Steal 11 17.99 % that player raises from BB vs a CO, BU or SB open
    SB Fold to Steal 76 83.99 63 % that player folds to an open from the CO or BU
    BB Fold to Steal 20 39.99 % that player folds to an open from the CO, BU, or SB
    3 & 4 Betting:
    3bet% 4.5 6.49 8 % that player 3bets
    vs 3bet call% 32 41.99 17 % that player calls a 3bet
    vs 3bet fold% 50 56.99 78.4 % that player folds to a 3bet
    vs 3bet Raise% 18.5 22.49 18.7 % that player 4bets after facing a 3bet vs their open
    Postflop Aggression:
    Flop Cbet% 60 68.99 58.7 % player bets flop after RFI preflop
    Flop Agg% 34 43.99 45.3 Aggression percent based on flop only
    Flop Cbet% Success 35 41.99 42.4 % of the time all of your opponents fold when player cbets flop
    Turn Cbet% 43 51.99 56.6 % player bets turn after flop cbet
    Turn Agg% 33 37.99 41.4 Aggression percent based on turn only
    River Agg% 28 33.99 44.7 Aggression percent based on river only
    Min Max
    Win on showdown % 49 54.99 53.7 % of time player wins money on showdown. Includes splits/chops
    Win When Saw Flop% 44 48.99 45 % of time player wins the pot after seeing the flop
    Went to showdown% 36 42.99 48.6 % of time player gets to showdown

    The stats in the left column should all be available in Holdem Manager. The min/max values are supplied by Party Poker and give a good idea of what "winning" stats should look like. The colour coded numbers are my own personal numbers from 2021 (ignore the SB/BB response to steals values, they are an average of the 2 but didn't format correctly above).

    Some key takeaways:

    1) My overall opening ranges and aggression are all fine
    2) My response to 3-betting needs some serious investigation. I often feel in game that my opponents' 3-bets are far too value heavy, in which case my stats here are actually appropriate. BUT, I need to review my database and make sure this is actually the case or I am committing some big mistakes here. Frustratingly this was highlighted to me some months back by kkep and I'm genuinley dissapointed I haven't made much improvement here - in fact I've actually gone the other way...)
    3) My river aggression seems too high. Through conversations on the forum it's come to light that I often go for too thin value IP on the river instead of checking behind to realise 100% equity which can sometimes get me in to trouble. However, my 'Went to Showdown%' seems too high considering my overly aggressive river strategy. Perhaps this is due to me over-folding against 3-bets, meaning I have an artifically stronger range than I should when I get to the river? This again needs looking into.

    You'll see that the interpretation of these stats is often more of an art than science. And it's dangerous to draw conclusions without digging deeper into the underlying stats.

    Obviously I can't (and shouldn't) do your work for you, but if have any questions or want some second opinions on what you find please do ask.


    • kkep
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      Your WTSD is a bit high too. I would add fold to turn cbet, xr flop, xr turn. I have a feeling you will find they are a bit low which is allowing you to get to more showdowns with hands that might not otherwise need to get there.
      Meaning you will win more hands, both bluffs and value before the river or be able to give up on them before or by the river.

    • LondonImp
      LondonImp commented
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      Agreed mate.

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    I need an honest, non-biased eye. Here is my PT4 report. A year nets me 46k hands.
    Oh, it won't let me share it. Cannot upload. I can share some screenshots.
    I know I call too much, which cascades down the streets. Check-raise and 3Bet more, Fold more to river aggression. Not sure what else. Poker is not dead, LOL.
    If anyone wants this report I can email it to you, or it's not to hard to make yourself. The hard part is figuring out what order to put it in.Click image for larger version  Name:	report1.png Views:	0 Size:	172.5 KB ID:	49788 Click image for larger version  Name:	report2.png Views:	0 Size:	93.9 KB ID:	49789 Click image for larger version  Name:	report3.png Views:	0 Size:	102.3 KB ID:	49790 Click image for larger version  Name:	report4.png Views:	0 Size:	66.5 KB ID:	49791

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      MOUSE85 - it looks like you might have let a few fundamental preflop leaks into your game.

      I can't tell if your "limp" column is open-limping or over-limping, the difference is very important. If it's open-limping you really need to cut that out of your game from all positions except the SB. It is possible to limp profitably from the BTN, but the problem is the EV you stand to gain from incorporating this correctly is less than the EV you lose if you mess it up.

      Overall you are just too passive preflop. Your VPiP/PRF is 59% which is too low.

      The first incentive we have to participate in a hand is to win the blinds/antes. If there were no blinds or antes in play then the correct strategy would simply be to wait to be dealt AA. We need to be trying to get the blinds and antes wherever possible.

      One final point I'd look into if I was you is the fact that your 'Call R XR' is 94.12(!!). People who x/r the river are very rarely balanced (take a look at your own XR river of just 1.6 for example) and so I fear this may be costing you a bunch of money.


      • kkep
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        My xr river is 3.75 and I do have some bluffs but its still probably a bit low

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      Thank You LondonImp. You are right.


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        I'll add that your call river efficiency is to low 2 would be ideal under 1.5 is getting in or is in the danger zone.
        You're probably cbetting OOP to much and your not check raising enough.
        WTSD is high to but I still haven't found anything concrete on that one. I feel like needs to be something like 30-35%
        All in adj is to low which might indicate you are playing slightly above your skill level

        fold to 3! is cut off, is that PF? I have a feeling that is way to low. I think it means you are cold calling or 4! 30% There aren't a lot of cold 4! chances so you are probably cold calling way to much

        These are the stats I'm currently trying to work on along with stats I like to keep an eye on.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	HUD (2).jpg
Views:	23
Size:	106.8 KB
ID:	49884


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          Hi all - I have replicated @londonImps report for my database for the last month. I am still a losing player, so anything that sticks out would be welcomed?

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Database.JPG
Views:	19
Size:	36.8 KB
ID:	49886


          • kkep
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            Can you upload it larger

          • LondonImp
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            kkep - if you right-click on the image and select 'open in a new tab' you should get a much clearer view

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          Overall the second set of stats you've posted look pretty good.

          Although I do think you need to check your report. Your possible responses to a 3! are either to fold, call, or raise (4!). Therefore if we add up these percentages in your report I'd expect to be much closer to 100%, not 114% as I can currently see.

          Your volume was fairly low for the month judging by the number of hands you played. Do you know how many tournaments this was over?

          The smaller the sample size we play, the less correlation we see between results and performance.


          • kkep
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            LondonImp I think they are using the wrong call 3 bet. I feel like that is a universal stat. Meaning calling a 3 bet both pre flop and or post flop