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Tournament Masterclass Nut Advantage example

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  • Tournament Masterclass Nut Advantage example

    Studying Masterclass really hard. Example: We're in UTG+1 opening pre-flop, called by Button, with flop of KK6, three suits. Recommendation is to bet with everything because we have such a big nut advantage. I don't get it!. Seems to me nut would be any King, and using the GTO charts, UTG+1 has 60 combos with Kings, and BTN calling UTG+1 has 52. No real advantage. They both play about the same percentage of hands. What am I missing?

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    UTG+1 has AA KK and AK that B's calling range doesn't have. , UTG+1 has more KQ. I'm also seeing different counts of KX, I do think UTG+1 has a decently significant amount more KX.

    Basically a greater percentage of UTG+1s range is KX, and we have more of the best KX that dominates other KX


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