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When should you start to multi-table?

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  • When should you start to multi-table?

    Hi. I am relatively new playing online poker, and I was wondering when and what skill set you need to start playing more than one table?

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    You should start once you are able to concentrate, process information and make intelligent decisions on one table.



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      The most important thing is to not increase the number of tables you are playing on until you have a provable, positive ROI on the number you are currently on.

      If you can't beat 1 table, then you will not be able to beat 2.

      Once you're confident and ready to move up, it's still important to do so gradually.

      It can be incredibly taxing have so much more information to take in.

      Maybe play 2 tables for the first half an hour of your next session, then switch back to 1 for the remainder. Then the next time play 2 tables for the whole first hour, and then switch back to 1. Find what works for you, but be prepared for a sharp drop in ROI when you first start.


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        Thank you. Your comment was really helpful.

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      The first time I started playing online, I managed multiple tables from the first day itself. Although I could only do as much as doubling my money, I did not face any particular issue managing three or four tables at once. You should be able to focus on each game properly. Distractions can cost you a lot in such cases. If you think you are not ready, it is better that you take your time with it. Play at multiple tables only when you become confident.