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    Could I get advise from small stack tournament experts? I will be very greatfull if somebody could give me a valuable advise and show me a way to change my results. I play ABI 8-15 USD on GG. I have attached an extract from sharkskope. It seems for me to be not a bad stats, but may be I am wrong. So my problem is that I am pretty often getting 20-30th place among 2000-3000 players but I am never on the final table. I have wathched a lot of videos and I have passed enough time with pen and calculator, but never had a proper poker course. So I think I have an idea how to play late stages, but looks lke I it's not enough. It's pretty often I am on the 1st place when remains 500 players, then I am on 40th place among 80 and finally my position is 30. That is what I have several times a day. I am a firm believer of a math, and I know that it should work, but every time facing a raise I lose pushing AQ-AK with 15BB getting call with A6. That is just my standard every day situation which I am laughing at and waiting for tommorow, but same happens again. I know that it's just standard whining of a fish, but I don't really see my problem and it looks strange not getting single crush een just by chance even being a super fish having hundreds of deep runs for the last year. So I am wondering how to change my strategy. For the moment I have a deviation from ICMizer ranges of rejams. I never call KT and A6 on CO or BTN facing a push from SB or BB with 13-14 BB which ICMizers says to do. I believe that average players of short stacks doesn't push KTo, QJo and even K9s, so I am really not sure that ICMizer ranges are appropriate for short stacks. So, should I follow ICMizer and stars calling jam with KTs or how should I change ranges of ICMizer for ABI 8-15? And could it be that it's just very long dispersion and I just need to follow my way? Thank you in advance.