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Cash to Big Blinds- Any Tips?

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  • Cash to Big Blinds- Any Tips?

    So I tried switching from cash to big blinds and I struggled with it. I feel when you are not looking at the money, it is easier to make calls. However, I did find myself calling bigger re-raises than I should have. Has anyone else made the transition from cash to big blinds? Did you struggle at the beginning?


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    Interesting comments. I find it a lot easier as I'm able to mentally detach from the actual money in play and make decisions based purely on the maths.

    In MTTs it's vital to play in BBs. As the strategy changes so drastically based on the stacks in play, it saves so much time not having to calculate every players stack in BBs each hand, especially when multitabling. ‚Äč


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      I really prefer BB lol. Especially right now where I'm playing some 50NL and 100NL so sometime at the beginning of the session I make careless preflop sizing errors because I forget what I'm playing. I study in terms of BB though so it just makes more sense to me.

      That said I play on Global and Ignition now so , no BB lol.

      Also have only played online MTTs on Global, and it's awful, I desperately want BB lol


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        I prefer BB as well. You just have to train yourself that the math is the same. But I play 95% MTTs when I play. In MTTs you must play in terms of BBs, because you can have a 10BBs stack a 30 BBs stack and a 100BBs stack at the same table, and in MTTs the strategies vary with each of those. I don't think cash has stack differences as often or as large as MTTs regularly get.

        I understand what you are saying is that with the dollar value not in front of you you tend to play looser with your chips. You just have to train yourself to have the same discipline with BB as you do with a dollar amount.

        If you can't then when playing cash I don't see any harm in not using $ instead of BB.
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          I think the harm when playing cash, which is what I do, a bigger bet will might get me off the hand because I am looking at dollars instead of chips. That is not good when it happens.

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          No, in your case if you can acclimate yourself to BBs it would definitely help with that. When I play cash live, it does help me to think in terms of chips instead of actual dollars. It's a form of tilt that I had that sometimes caused me to fold to tightly for fear of losing money.

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        Thanks for the input guys!!!! I will have to just keep practicing.