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Tommy Angelo's Quitting & Stop Losses

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  • Tommy Angelo's Quitting & Stop Losses

    I watched the live webinar yesterday and found it to be very helpful. On Monday I played a session and was getting ready to quit when I got 3 outed against my AA. Then I ran QQ into KK and I had A8 vs A4 and got 3 outed again. So I ended up down a little over 3 buy ins. I took Tuesday off and went back at it on Wednesday. To be honest, I was just anxious right from the beginning. To make matters worse, a player I struggle with and never seem to make the right move against, was at both my tables.

    The villain called my 99 4 bet preflop with 75 and hit two 5s on the flop. The board ran out with all cards below a 9 and I got stacked making two pair. Some other things went wrong and I went from being up a buy in and a half to down a buy in and a half. This only made me more anxious.

    I started turning things around when the villain and I got involved in another all in hand. I had AA and he had an open ended straight flush draw/ UGH!!!! My hand held and I won, which now put me back up a buy in and a half. Since I was still anxious and had already been playing for 2 1/4 hours, I left and booked a win.

    Tommy reminded me that sometimes you need to book a win for your psyche. I definitely needed a win and his live webinar, before I stated playing, really helped me make the best decision for my game at that time.

    Thank You Tommy!!!