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Incorrect 4bet Ranges

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  • Incorrect 4bet Ranges

    Was looking at the GTO 8max ranges tool for a variety of positions and noticed this range output

    Does this 4bet range seem excessively bluff heavy? Bluffing half the time with KJs KTs A8s A7s and A3s others etc. seems like way too many bluffs vs our very narrow 7ish combos of value.


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    By my calculations this gives us a ratio of 16.52 bluff combos to 8.16 value combos. Or roughly 2:1.

    This does not seem excessive to me.

    All the bluffs used in this range are hands that realise equity very well too and so aren't total "bluffs" so to speak.


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      why is 2:1 the target number here? where does this principle come from?


      • jjpregler
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        From your sizing and position. Since you are IP, you don't have to 4 bet large. If it was 3bbs - 10BBs you can 4 bet to 22. Now if the BB 5 bets he is shoving. So the MDF versus the shove is 29%, allowing you to comfortably fold your range 2:1.

        When you are looking at a bluff range, you are planning out the next action, how often can I fold to the next bet. If the answer is 2:1, you can bluff at 2:1 and not be exploited by a 5 bet.

      • Dilly
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        jjpregler solid explanation