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  • PokerNow hand converter (to PokerStars)

    Hey fellow poker people! I'm in the process of writing a hand history converter that takes PokerNow hands and converts them to PokerStars hands so people who play on PokerNow can use hand re-players, HM3 and PokerTracker. I plan on making this a free shareware application. I have a small problem that I need help with...

    I am a U.S. player and can't generate Hand Histories for PokerStars, so I do not have access to PokerStars hand histories to use as a template for making the conversions. I have gotten plenty of examples from online, but there are a few key situations I don't know how to convert, because I do not have an example of them in a PokerStars hand.

    If someone could post an example hand of exactly how PokerStars logs these situations, it would be greatly helpful to me:

    (1) When a small blind isn't posted because the big blind gets knocked out of a hand.
    (2) When someone posts a straddle (if that is allowed on PS)
    (3) When a player is at the table but sits out of a hand

    Thanks! I don't need but a single example of each. But I need the literal text from PokerStars hand history.... not something that was converted to look nice or from a re-player.

    THanks again!