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Minimum Defense Frequency (When Opponent Has Equity)

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  • Minimum Defense Frequency (When Opponent Has Equity)

    I am sure I am missing some important point with respect to MDF, which I may not be expressing quite right, but here goes:

    We can begin with the standard idea, $100 in the pot, $100 bet, then opponent is getting 2:1 and must call at least 33% of the time or I show an automatic profit.

    But suppose, as usually will be the case, I have some equity even when he calls. Then isn't it the case that I'm still winning at 33% defense? And so he has to call more than 33%? But does he have any way to know how much more? Or am I just wrong here? Quick edit: I can imagine it would involve him putting me on a range and getting some idea of my equity, but still, what does he do with it for purposes of this calculation?

    By a similar token, suppose he's constructing his defense range, and he knows he needs to call at least 33% or I can bluff at will. But suppose he knows I never bluff, or just very rarely, then he wouldn't need to worry about this. So how can he know what constitues "enough" bluffing by me that he has to defend properly?

    If all that's clear...hopefully...
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    That is why it is called Minimum. You can always play more hands than MDF. On the flop and turn, there are times where you definitely should.

    However, you have to consider that some of his bluffs cannot continue if you raise. Additionally, some of his bluffs have reverse implied odds at times. For instance, when he draws to the K high flush and you have alot of nut flush combos in your hand.


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      MDF applies most purely on the river where bluffs theoretically have 0 equity, of course even that becomes not entirely true pretty often lol. But yeah like JJ said we generally have to defend above MDF on the flop and turn.

      To your second question, that's the game right lol? If we know Villain never bluffs, MDF goes out the window, we just only call with our premiums, and over-fold, knowing that he is not betting frequently enough, so he's leaving a ton of value out there by not bluffing his low equity holding that can't win at showdown. What if he bluffs half as often as he should? We over-fold knowing his bluffs are printing, but again he's just leaving too much in the give up range so it balances out. We need to assess what opponent should be doing, how we respond, and then acknowledge the mistakes we assume they're making and adjust from there. It's an art as much as it is a science