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    Morning all!

    Excuse me if there is some obvious content covered somewhere or if most of you feel that it should come naturally and easily to someone, however I am trying to find some decent course work or class that takes you through how to use PT4 to the best of its ability in terms of leak identification?

    I'm a 3.4/100bb player at .25 (200K), have been playing a long time but just getting back into poker as a side hustle. I had never really studied much in my earlier days, just played live as a job in my early 20s and then got into the corporate grind. In that respect, the game has obviously changed, I was never a math whiz as such. So utilising these programs is something I haven't really had the intuition to understand?

    I'm hoping, as a basic start, to understand if there are some simple courses/classes/content on identifying leaks via PT4, that actually explain idea %,s win rates etc for certain spots. Ie. ideal (realistic) bb/100 rate range on say a top pair + saw showdown filter, or a successful Ip/OOP win rate and % played range etc.

    It would just help me greatly to understand say 15-20 common scenarios using PT4 so I can then go on my way to be a bit more proactive in how I use it?

    Any material, tips or suggestions would be welcome. More than happy to do my own due diligence from there.

    EDIT: I thought it may be important to note, I play on ignition, so instant hand tags are difficult, however I do go and review hands after most sessions and particularly strange spots however I mostly end up thinking, OK not a great bet, OK thats fine just a cooler, OK might play that spot differently, but keen to see what I am missing.

    EDIT: Also an important note that I fall into green in all leak categories on leak tracker (for whatever that is worth - not much), so trying to get more in depth and analytical (ie. 5% change here, 5% change there).


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    Still learning the ins and outs of PT4 myself. I found a link for a YouTube video which may be helpful.



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      Thanks Mike, appreciate it.