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is this message true here ?

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  • is this message true here ?

    please look at the attached picture

    note bb villian covers me

    19 BB looking at the gto charts from pokercoaching it says call here call 88% , raise 12%

    so referring to gto this deep it seems to be the default to limp here..

    i think snowie is more designed for deep stack play

    thoughts ?

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    This hand is a limp in the GTO solvers. I don't know if Snowie has a limp from the SB range. And if it does, it just may pick other hands than Monker for the raising range. The mix of middle cards are there for board coverage. So th einclusion of the middle cards like this is quite random as long as the solution has board coverage.

    However, I have diverted from the SB limp strategy. I know I sacrifice some theoretical equity when I do so, but I like to play a little tighter and raise my entire range.


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      Pokersnowie assumes the opponent is a competent player, which may or may not be the case. If they aren't or if they are not playing a GTO strategy, your results will be skewed.

      I have used both Pokersnowie and Advanced poker training. I find they both have flaws are are better when used in conjunction with each other. Pokersnowie assumes you are good player and playing a GTO strategy like it is. If you aren't you can manipulate the outcome. Conversely, Advanced Poker Training uses players that are playing a particular style(Lag, Tag, Maniac, Nit etc.), which also can be manipulated. I find if I try a strategy on Pokersnowie playing against more GTO type players and then try it against other type of players on APT, I get the most out of it.