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what do you think about my bustout hand ?

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  • what do you think about my bustout hand ?

    note this is a pko and my bounty is worth 20 dollar , we are not itm yet

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    As in the last hand, I disagree how you played the hand. You called off with an ace and 3 cards to a flush on board. if you are going to call off no matter what comes, I would have shoved preflop.

    You only have 12 BB left, so I am going to shove preflop. If the GTO charts say don't shove preflop, which I think is a mistake, then you can't call off on that board.

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      I agree, shove pre with 12 BBs stacks or less.


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        The villian was a very good player referring to sharkscope , in game i felt like he is overbluffing river since i checked all the Time on an ace board so far as the utg raiser

        at the Moment i minraise a Lot With 11-20 bb , i think this has more ev than shoving everything up to 12-13 bb

        this way you can play way more hands in the later Stages, People dont 3 bet a Lot anymore , they seem to mostly Flat

        But indeed Calling off With everything were stupid

        Note here i blocked a Flush and did Not give him many aces


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          Once again poker mike might be onto some. Are we sure snowie itself could be a winning player?


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            By shoving preflop, you also have fold equity, which you lose once you min raise preflop. You also did not put any pressure on the villain on the flop. If you didn't think he had an ace, would he call off all his chips with a draw? Maybe or maybe not. You let him get there.

            The problem with more +EV is there is no long run in a tourney. You can't say this is the best play because when you are wrong, like you were, you give up the additional EV you gain by knocking someone out of the tourney and gathering more chips. When your tourney life is at stake, you need to make the best play that will keep you alive. If you had a lot more chips, this play might have been OK, but you always want to be pressuring the short stacks when you have a large amount of chips in front of you.

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