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Rough Day Out in the Stars Yesterday

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  • Rough Day Out in the Stars Yesterday

    Yesterday was a rough day for me on PSNJ. I played for 9 hours yesterday, one 8 hour session and one 1 hour session. Both the total amount of time and the length of the last session are out of character for me. I usually play 4 hours in one session. The first session was only an hour because the tables kept breaking. You have to be careful in situations like that because if someone wins, they bolt because they know the game is breaking. If that happens you will have no way to get your money back. While I am happy I can play online poker, it sucks that every state cannot participate and that is why you sometimes do not have enough players for a game.

    From a financial standpoint, it really was not a bad day. I ended down only a buy in and a half, but overall, I was not happy with my play. I was stuck 5 buy ins at one point and that is when tilt started kicking in. Of course what did I do? I opened up more tables. Right now I want to only be playing two tables at once because I just moved up in stakes and I want to see exactly how it is playing.

    For some reason, I thought PSNJ was the same as WSOPNJ when it came to HUDs. I thought PSNJ did not allow them either, but I found out I was wrong a month ago and I started using PT again. What I found out is I play best when my VPIP is between18 & 20(6 max). Once I start creeping up, I find I do not do as well. So the more I got stuck, the more I opened up, the more marginal situations I found myself in. I had some revenge tilt going on, entitlement tilt, running bad tilt and of course, the I want to kill you tilt.. I don't think I ran bad, I think I probably ran fair (I will look through PT to see), but I did not run good in the big situations

    While my tilt is a 1000% better than it use to be, I still have work to be done. I have read all the books and have done the tilt workshop here, but in the end, you have to control it. If you don't take action all the knowledge in the world will not help. I think I will take time off today. I will take a leisurely driving, searching for the guy who cracked my over pair 3 times in a row with sets, so I could beat him to a pulp!!!.


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    Just wanted to reply with a "well shared" mate. I know when we are struggling, finding stories like this are important to provide a problem shared / problem halved mentality.

    I certainly have tilt issues on occasion too, I find my amazing sessions (25NL - 4 tabling) are normally just hours of putting it together, grinding it up, but man when I take 80/20 equity to the river and get nailed 3 times in a row, geez that sends me on the chase.

    Im from Australia too, so let me start by saying that the state of online poker over here sucks.. Wish I could get myself back on stars... Alas, ignition and dinky tournaments is life now.