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When the solver gives results in quarters

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  • When the solver gives results in quarters

    Many people may be aware you can get most solvers (Pio, at least?) to report results in quarters.

    That is, if you should raise 9%, it will round down to 0%, but if you should raise 17% it will round up to 25%, and this is simply easier for a human to deal with than more exact numbers which nobody can remember.

    So, what I'm wondering, is does it complete it's gonkulations exactly and then round, or does it assume 25% jumps while it is gonkulating? I would think the second of these choices would be faster, since there are fewer permutations to check. And it might even be more optimal than rounding (since the actual solution will have been tested directly instead of estimated). But I don't really know.

    Anyone got a clue about this?