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Why I am still skeptical when it comes to online poker.

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  • Why I am still skeptical when it comes to online poker.

    Hi all,

    This is not a rant just an observation I wanted to share with everyone. I had a few bad beats on PA PokerStars and I get it you know ITS GOING TO HAPPEN. However, I decided to take a rest and play live and I also tried the free trial on ClubWPT. Playing live is a thrill. I only been at the table twice but I already love it. I only have played in the morning around 10am-12pm and the crowd is a little tougher at that time. I cannot wait until next Friday night where I have already made time to be able to play and hoping to get some drinkers at the table lol. Anyway, nearing the end of my trial on ClubWPT I decided to email them and let them know I was cancelling. I received an email stating it will take affect the next day so I decided to play a free roll cause I had one day left. I ended up coming in 1st place out of about 250 people. So I got awarded in TP points which you can use to play in other games for cash prizes. I received an email that night stating my account is to be terminated but they will leave my points there so when I return and sign up again I can have access to my points. Now I was like man that is weird. I cancel my subscription, they give me one day until cancellation take affect and I come in 1st in a free-roll that I have NEVER even made it to final table before, and then they are trying to convince me to sign back up to get the points I won from the tournament. I understand that online Poker is legit especially the legal sites like Pokerstars PA and WSOP NJ but man sometimes I just have to wonder. Anyone, else have some online experiences they would like to share I would love to read them. Thanx for taking the time to read my post.

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    As I stated in my response to your previous post about ClubWPT, it is a legit site. The tourneys were you win points are bad. It is equal to the play money games on PS. The tourneys with cash or prizes play like tourneys. The diamond level is just to expensive and not worth it, IMO.



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      I am too man, and i regularly play online because im not close to any live casinos. its insane the amount of bad beats you feel like are happening. im a micro-low stakes player trying to build up a bankroll and it really seems impossible at these stakes and does seem a bit rigged to me as well. the last 5 deep runs ive had i have had80%+ equity on the flopped only to get 3 outed on the river. and this always happens when it seems when i get low. like ill have a deep run get my bankroll to $60 grind, it will slowly dwindle down to like $20 get to a final table and get like 4th place to get it up back to $50ish and its been a continuous cycle like that for months. always getting a bad beat where if i wouldve won the hand i wouldve been a massive chip and could easily get 1st or 2nd. and get the bankroll up. it really does feel like a "doomswitch" get flipped on once i get into the money. and it even gets salt in the wound when you look back and your like wtf?! out of the last 10 tourneys ive playes getting close to the money there have been several situations when a player that has been playing pretty normal nothing to crazy 30bb deep and then shove all in utg. im in the CO or BU with AK with 12bb so a somewhat easy call....they show up with bullshit like 48o, 5To, 64o. and hitting a pair or better beating the AK. its just like wtf? who plays like that?? its like they already know what the flop will be. its even has happenedin the last final table i was at. I try to help my mind with thinking about moneymaker and know that tourneys are 80% luck at the end of the day and variance is a bitch. sorry for a bit of a rant....just had another bad beat haha. GL at the tables