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    Hi Everyone,

    Today was my first day ever playing live at the table. I played $1/$3 today at Parx Casino and was extremely nervous. I made a few novice mistakes that in a way I think worked to my benefit as I went in with $300 and walked out with $750 after 3 hours of playing. Im guessing the whole table figured I didn't understand the game at all.When it comes to the fundamentals how to read ranges and knowing my ranges, I think I faired well. However, I was making mistakes of how to play at a table since I usually play online and it was embarrassing and was hoping I can get some help here. I acted out of position once which was my fault for not paying attention but my real problem came when I wanted to raise. In one hand I was BB and cut off raised it $15 so then when it came to me I raised to $20 and the dealer got mad stating I cannot raise so I called. I was confused but let it go as the dealer was pretty mean and was upset with me because I could not understand her at times. Another hand comes around and it was raised from $3 to $20 so I attempted to raise it to $25 and the dealer gets mad at me again and states you cannot raise!! Now I am confused, the dealer can obviously sense it and gives no explanation to why. The guy next me kindly tells me you cannot raise unless it is double. I said thank you but still confused. Needless to say I played the rest of my hands by raising if I was first to act and calling. I played my hands well but could have walked out with a lot more If I understood raising properly at the live table. Online I can just raise to whatever I want but I guess you cannot when you play live. Can someone please help me with playing at a live table.


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    First thing congrats on first live experience! Second thing, I think every person feels that nervousness on some level their first time or few times playing live, nothing to feel bad about, I know I felt like that.

    You have to raise at least the amount of that the initial raiser raised, technically it isn't exactly twice their bet pre-flop, but for simplicity sake, just make sure you raise at least twice their bet. So if they make it 20 make it at least 40, etc. Technically, if they made it 20, you could make it 38 because they didn't raise 20 they raised 18, but again, why make it more complicated. The same rule applies online, the software just by default makes the raise the minimum allowed until you change the amount.

    More important question why would you ever be raising $20 to $25 or $15 to $20? All the fundamentals from online still apply, we can size down a littttle bit because people over-fold anyway, and open sizes are larger than they should be forcing lower SPRs, but in position 3-bet to 2.5-3.5X OOP go 3-4X at least.


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      Also fuck that dealer for being a jerk about it, I've never seen that personally at Parx, usually dealers are understanding and other players too (not necessarily well intentioned but it's in their interest to be nice to fish.) Definitely don't take it personally, their grumpiness is their problem


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        Thank you Dilly. I am thinking of going back tomorrow and the more I ply the more comfortable I will be. I think I raised that way because I was so uncomfortable. I felt out of my element and the rules I apply to online somehow went out the window. Luckily I walked out $400 plus I will try again tomorrow or so and the more comfortable I get the better I will be at making sound decisions. Thank you.


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          Yeah the dealers at Parx are usually very nice. It has been my experience that they try to help new players out with the rules. However, she cannot help you if you make an illegal bet, only tell you that it was not a legal bet and make a ruling on what the bet is that stands.

          But the rule is that if you put chips out, that are not enough to make a valid raise, it is a call.

          If you put a single chip that on its own would be enough to raise, but you did not say raise before putting the chip out, it is a call.

          Always remember that when you want to raise it has to be at least the same increment as the last bet. But in a live cash game, I would never even contemplate a min raise. I would prefer raising to at least 3x that last bet. So if the hand was raised to $15, my raise would be to $45. In the second spot if someone made it $20 and I wanted to raise, I would raise to $60.
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            Thanx for the info. I understand it now and went back today to play. I had a good time beside the fact that I left I busted but its poker and you can't expect to win every time. I did feel more conformable with my bets and the way I played. Did not make any mistakes on that end today. Thank you for the. response.

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          it's no big deal I'm shocked you had a bad experience with any dealer at PARX tho.

          First of all I've made some of those same mistakes. Sometimes I miss a bet live then when it gets to me I think I'm raising but since the wager isn't enough it has to be a call UNLESS you say raise before the chips go in. In that case one would be forced to put in a min raise. I do in fact verbalize my actions live 99% of the time but again sometimes we just make a mistake from time to time.

          Acting out of turn also happens quite frequently in live games.

          About the dealers at PARX. I've never come across one dealer who was less than helpful especially if they suspect a player is new. That said I haven't been there in over a year so for all I know they could have a new stable. Of all the rooms I've played in I would rank Parx for having the best dealers and it's not even close.

          As far as I know every dealer at Parx experienced or not has to go through their course is if they would be getting licensed for the first time and management is very hard on them if the dealers are to be believed.


          • Dilly
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            Parx definitely has the best dealers in the north east with Borgata being a very distant second lol

          • pryan6484
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            I went back to Parx the next day. I ended up punting away $300 the second day lol but I met some cool dealers. The one guy told me they are on edge because they are so short staffed because of the lay offs when COVID happened. They are trying to get new dealers but a lot of the new ones quit he said. I was there on a Friday morning at 9am and the $1/$3 game already had 55 people on waiting list.

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          I enrolled in the dealer school for Parx way back when, but then pulled out when I learned if I get a dealer license in PA I was not allowed to play in any casino in PA.


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