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  • Brasilian school of poker

    A Lot of regs in online poker are from Brasil

    I have realized they seem to play a Bit differently

    For instance they seem to overplay small and medium pp and call huge allins With it.

    In the chats people discuss About brasilian school plays

    what are there Learning sources other than solvers , other Software?

    Are there a Lot of Coaches who speak portugese ?

    a lot of regs from Brasil seem to not understand Basic english

    A lot of regs seem to be massive grinders who Frequent the small stakes with decent results

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    Not sure I agree that they have decent results calling all ins with small to medium PP. I am not calling off 100BB with pocket 3's preflop unless I absolutely no the shover is do that with any two cards.



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      I'm not familiar with Brazilian play specifically, but I do know there are a ton of crushers from Brazil, many known as being pretty LAG. My guess is the good players are just more studied and are willing to take marginal but profitable spots because they're putting in a ton of volume, which would make their play look very different from people learning through more "traditional" channels who are more concerned about losing flips because they play less volume.

      Take with a grain of salt, those are pure guesses, I know nothing about Brazilian poker players or people in general lol


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        Took me a while to adjust to brazilian players on star. They are more loose passive / station in my opinion. People tend to underestimate others from non english speaking countries because of the content available to them.

        israeli players are the most unconventional / unorthordux. As far as creativity goes, maybe israel, brazil, vietnam.
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          It's interesting you've seen people under-estimate people from non-english speaking countries, personally I think almost every country's player pool is stronger than the US lol