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  • my poker weaknesses

    in order to motivate myself i want to list my poker weaknesses , feel free to comment or to write dwon your weaknesses also

    - not 4 betting polarised when deepstacked
    - playing my big hands too aggressively late in tournaments on scary boards , too often going allin in order to "protect"
    - playing too tight when not being shortstacked especially live and when playing higher stakes online
    - in general flatting too much preflop and calling too much postflop instead of raising
    - not 3 betting polar in LP , i then just fold the hands that should be in my 3bet raising bluff range
    - first in from sb vs bad bb , limping too much instead of raising roughly 3.5x
    - not 3betting polar as bb vs lp opener
    - not exploiting villians enough , for instance ip not betting many of my marginal hands vs weak players that will only raise if they have a premium made hand (i instead check back my mmh too often)
    - value betting too small on rivers , i often bet 33% potsize in order to make sure i get this call , i should target the stronger parts of villians calling range more often by betting bigger
    - when i have the range adavantage and the nut advantage i bet frequently but too small too often instead frequently and BIG
    - vs 3bettors i call too often with suited broadways , this is a problem since suited broadways are dominated by a lot of the 3-betters premium hands
    - not betting the turn more frequently when people over-defend on the flop; they will have a weaker range on the turn, so i should barrel the turn more often. but i check too often even with the better parts of my value range thinking i cannot get 3 streets of value so better check , ready to check call 1 street most of the time or to bet river (too small) if villian didnt show aggression
    - deep stacked in the bb not 3 betting with good playable hands often enough; they are good in those situations since the in-position player will be doing a ton of calling when deep-stacked, so I want to have hands that play well out of position.
    - with high enough spr not polarising my range by overbetting brick turns when villian most likely has a marginal made hand
    - when i have range advantage and nut advantage on dry boards i dont cbet big ; i cbet small because i am concentrating on the board texture (on dry boards you actually dont need to bet big since there is no need to protect); but i am supposed to bet big when i have range advantage and nut advantage even when the board is dry
    - deeper stack when 3 betting oop (which i could do more often) 3 betting with unsuited blocker hands instead of suited gap connectors for instance which guarantee a better playability that is important due to the fact i get called often by the ip 2bettor
    - With deeper stacks, the equity realization goes down and i should defend tighter from the BB , but i defend wider thinking i can afford to see if i hit good enough ; when shorter stacks i think calling is quite expensive and i defend tighter but i should focus on the better equity realization when shorterstacked and that the amount that i can win is higher in comparism to the little chips I have
    - when multitabling tournaments if 2-3 big bluffs succeed I get rushed and bluff too often which leads to unnessecary bustouts be continued (perhaps)

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    The next step for you should be to prioritise this list.

    Work out which of these leaks costs you a lot of money and which do not.

    Then work out which of these leaks can be fixed quickly and which require a lot of study.

    Try and prioritise the quick fixes that will make you a lot of money first, leaving the labourious low-earners to the end.