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why i choosed the wrong answer

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  • why i choosed the wrong answer

    please look up the attached picture first

    i did not see the video from the cash game masterclass , just opted to do the quizzes

    i understand the logic of the right solution

    i choosed the wrong one due to the following consideration:

    with 88 i want to bet bigger because i want to protect vs broadway overcards that can call me lightly if i dont big benough whereas with QQ i dont have to fear getting called lightly because i beat the worse overpairs under QQ and i dont care if broadways call me lightly

    thoughts on this ?

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    I think your reasoning is incorrect.

    Case 1: Your 88 wants to be called by unsuited broadways because you are way ahead. Sure, you will lose sometimes, but that's the way it goes. Therefore, you aren't betting to protect your hand. Rather, you are betting for value.

    Case 2: Your 88 would like to fold out broadways that are also both spades, because they figure to beat you two ways (flush or overcard). But those are never folding, so your "protection" bet is never going to work.

    Meanwhile, the given answer is taking a simpler approach. QQ is a premium made hand when the board comes low. 88 is a marginal made hand. You should try to get paid on your premium made hands. You are willing to try to win cheaply with marginal made hands.

    That said, I don't always agree with the quizzes. I don't think they are always written by Jonathan Little, nor do they necessarily make direct use of the strategies he teaches. Sometimes I think they are written by whichever pro played the hand, and simply apply that pro's intuition about the game. It may be good intuition, but I don't always think you are "Wrong!" by disagreeing.

    If I were to try to apply what JL teaches to this hand, I might say something like "you have a range advantage but not the nut advantage, since the button has more trips and two pairs in his range, so you want to be betting, but not betting large, with your whole range. And if I did say that, it would apply to both hands (88 and QQ), which would suggest answer b. Apparently that would also be "Wrong!" and I find it a bit annoying.

    Nevertheless, I believe your specific reasoning of "protecting" 88 from broadway overcards is not correct.
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      Very good convincing Analysis thx !