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  • Online play for cash in US?

    Is there a site, besides Global Poker where can play for real money in the US? I understand that playing online is great for getting in reps and playing small stakes to practice.The problem is, it's DONK CITY!!
    I was in a tourney earlier, down to my last 5bb. I shoved with AA only to be called by the player UTG who had already raised the pot.......WITH 94o!!! Can you really improve your game playing against people like that. I know luck plays a part in poker, but sheer stupidity can't aways win. Or can it? Because I see way too much of that playing online. If people don't have any real money invested, they certainly don't take is serious.

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    There is America's Card Room. Some states have WSOP, Pokerstars or Party Poker. Calling you with 94o may or may not make sense, depending how much was in the pot, how much the caller had, was there a bounty, was there a pay jump, and so on. Lot's of considerations in tourney.

    Did you blind down to 5bb or did you just take a beat that made you lose lots of chips just before that hand? If not, not sure how you let yourself get that low because you are almost always going to get called. You were a 7 to 1 favorite. If he was getting the right odds or close to it, given the fact the villain could knock you out, it might make sense.



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      ACR for MTTs, most pros and coaches I know don't recommend it for cash. Ignition is also okay.

      I would recommend considering your mindset though. Sure we want to play against some stronger opponents to help us improve, but it's not quite like sports or other games, really the best way to improve is develop your strategy by studying off table and making sure you're implementing what you learn. It can be frustrating when the bad players win, but the reality is if they won more than they lost playing like that, it wouldn't be bad play. But it is lol. Volume cures variance, if you play enough games, and you play a good strategy, you will eventually be a winner.

      Global is by far the softest US site from my experience, and that's what you want, Donk City is definitely where you want to be. The real downside of Global is they don't have a ton of games, and their hand history system is abysmal for study