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Ridiculous Bad Beat on PokerStars

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  • Ridiculous Bad Beat on PokerStars

    *Disclaimer* This is a huge rant but just have to vent somehow.

    I currently play on PokerStars PA and it just makes me want to completely quit poker sometimes. The past couple days have been full of crazy bad beats for me. No matter what I do or how I change my strategy, I either cant connect on the board or when I do the villain hits the river. Nut flush beaten by a calling station who hits full houses on the river. One hand raised in CO with A5 suited of spades. Flop comes 2s 3s 5d. I bet in half pot and small blind calls. Turn is a 5 c. I bet Pot with the trips and a straight flush draw and villain calls. River comes Kd and villain bets $5.00 so I go all in cause at this point I have a total of $9 in my stack. He shows pocket K to make trips and I had trip 5s. Just feel defeated at this point. No matter what I do I lose unless I have the absolute nuts in the past couple days. Gonna take a break from online poker and only play live. Does anyone have these experiences or do I just stink?
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    Sounds like my experience everyday on PS. Some is just variance, some is crazy maniacal play.

    I’ve stopped playing micro and low stakes there because I get frustrated when I can’t adequately adjust my game enough to overcome their craziness. That’d probably be considered a leak in MY game, though, not theirs.


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      Unfortunately mate variance and run bad in poker are a massive part of the game for example yesterday I was final 13 of a MTT and within ten hands I went lost the following 3 hands

      99-84 , he limped SB I raised to 2.7, flop T47 I bet 1/3 pot , turn 6 I bet 55% pot , river 4 both checked down he won with two pair

      Next orbit I’m SB and BB has 12bbs I shove 66 he calls with 55 and hits the 5 on the turn

      Not long after it down to 11bbs there’s a min bet and a flat from the BTN I shove from BB with AQ get called with KTo and he hits king and after 7hours of grind out in 10th place

      now I could of played all those hands different and possibly better than I actually did and at the time but it’s just to highlight at times no matter what you do it’s just not your tournament
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        You don't stink. It is what it is. Running bad is continuously getting 2 cutters on turn and river, turn and river, 1 out, 2 out lose pot as 95% favorite. and it can go on for months. Which really makes you wonder just how big a role 'luck' plays. Check out my post and graph. I like to look at graphs. There was a stretch I wasn't winning anything, pretty exordinary in hindsight. nada. Also every time you move up in stakes, also very good chance of ruin. I have this crazy idea that most people put too much focus on things that don't really matter.
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          To balance out my post from earlier it’s not just always run bad and coolers against you about ten minutes before those hands happened the BTN shoved all in against me with AQs but unfortunately for him I had AA at the time and I’m sure he spent the rest of the night complaining about being coolered , we often forget how good we run in earlier stages of a tournament and only focus on how we lost big hands or got out out but it does even out over time I always try to remember hands where I got lucky earlier on
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            First, it's not a bad beat. He was about a 67% favorite to win the hand preflop. Second, would you have folded pocket kings at any point in that hand? NO!!! You flopped big but missed. He had the best hand preflop and got there on the river after you got lucky on the turn. It happens. You should takes some of the courses on this site concerning tilt.



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              only thing that will even out , especially if you playing low enough, is loss of time.