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My Bankroll Building thoughts and Bankroll Requirements

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  • My Bankroll Building thoughts and Bankroll Requirements

    Bankroll decisions are more important to a poker player than most people recognize. Decisions you make today can affect whether you can play in a good game next week.

    First some general BR numbers.

    The formula I use for bankroll is always based on the square root of the number of players in the tournament.

    SQRT~n * 10 = a conservative bankroll strategy.

    For instance in an MTT with 300 players, in the conservative BR numbers - 10(SQRT~300) = number of buyins needed for this MTT. 10(17) = 170 buy ins. For Premium members, there is a BR chart in the Tournament Masterclass with JL's recommendations and you will find that this formula and his recommendations are very close.

    With the multiplier of 10, that will give you a number where you have a 99%+ chance of not going broke.

    Using a multiplier of 8 which is considered a moderate BR strategy you will have a 95% chance of not going broke. With a moderate BR requirement you would need 136 buy-ins for that same tournament.

    Using a multiplier of 6 is a risky BR strategy where you have about 90% chance or less of not going broke. With risky BR requirements, you need 102 buy-in for this MTT. I would never recommend this to any professional where their BR is their business. If you are a recreational player and losing your BR will not mean a life disaster, then this would be ok.

    But what about someone who is building a bankroll?

    Some quick history about me. I recently took 2 years off due to health and had to use my BR to pay bills. Now I am rebuilding a BR, but I don't have a ton of cash to just drop in and start playing again.

    Here are my thoughts when starting off with a BR:

    1) Can you afford to replace all or a large part of your BR if you have a bad swing?
    2) How much can you replace in a relatively short time?

    So I downloaded PS PA last week. I deposited $150 with a plan to add another $100 a month for a while. Since I can replace a large part of my BR fairly quickly I can use very risky numbers.

    The formula I am using at the beginning is a multiplier of 2. So for me in the building stage, where I can replace all or most of my BR quickly, I would need 34 buy ins for the same MTT.

    As my BR gets larger to where my replacement value shrinks, I would then go to the multiplier of 4 and I would need 68 buy-ins for the MTT.

    Taking Shots - With such an aggressive BR strategy you should never take any shots above your already low requirements. Basically, you are taking a shot every time you sit with such an aggressive strategy.

    No one is building a BR in micros and small stakes games. With a strategy such as this, I should be able to move into the mid-stakes in a matter of months, where I would start lowering my risk, which would coincide with my edge over the player pool getting shorter.

    I don't remember ever seeing anything like this posted before, but I wanted to share my strategy to build a BR to get back into the game as quick as I could.

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    Note on multi-tabling.

    When you are playing more than 1 table the formula that should be used for every level is multiplying the square root of the number of tables played * the number of buy-ins.

    So if you are playing 4 tables, the square root is 2.

    So using the above example, if I want to play 4 tables at $5 with 300 players, I would need 68 buy-ins instead of 34.


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      Do you fancy starting a thread in the Goals and Progress section of the forum to track this?

      I'm sure a lot of people, myself included, would be very keen to be updated with your thoughts and progress.


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        I searched discord cause I remembered this thread. I definitely have similar thoughts - There is no reason to slave at 1 dollar tourneys if you play 3 or 6 dollar tourneys with good roi. However we could also say if it's easily replaceable it is not a strict bankroll yet. But yeah being more aggressive with a less than 400 bankroll with the knowledge that you are fairly live to go broke but also have a meaningful chance of moving up in stakes quicker. As the bankroll gets larger theres more consequences and less benefits to Ultraagressive bankroll management and 34 buyins definitely is and the value per tourney starts to get more meaningful. There will still be swings using the 100 buyin strategy but you have to acknowledge that there will be more swings compared to a 300-400 buyin strategy and moving up and down stakes regularly may be a thing. The multitabling comment is total beastmode - since roi and risk of ruin are so correlated and roi and table count are so correlated even for people who say that they are not and they are multitabling machines I haven't seen anyone that doesn't lose at least some decision making from adding more tables. Trying to develop rules where I play different stakes depending on table count.


        • jjpregler
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          My only question with this is when do we move to the next level of caution? When we can only replace 50% in one month? 25%?

        • Vivian L
          Vivian L commented
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          The goal is to not have to replace it. I would only use the ultraaggressive strategy to skip the ultra micros- (less than 3.5 abi) but I think it's all up to the person and how they want to balance risk and rewards.

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        UPDATE: Now that I have won a bit of money and my bankroll is starting to grow, I am not so confident in my original bankroll plans. I am starting to work on new BR ideas for building a BR, that doesn't put the amounts you've grown to at as high a risk.

        Look back later when I update the my bankroll building ideas and bankroll management.