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if anyone can tell which is up, down or one giant swing

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  • if anyone can tell which is up, down or one giant swing

    I'd like to think I got out a rough patch, reaching new high and having moved up in stakes. But is it possible I had 2 upswing instead of 1 down?
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    That looks like a nasty downswing, well done for keeping up the volume and getting out of it.

    It looks like your biggest win was almost at your lowest point, I hope for your sake that you're not increasing your buy-ins to chase losses. That is a recipe to go broke.


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      could be two upswings, and I was moving up anyway, not chasing loss.


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        It could be two upswings. But the only way to tell is more volume.


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          Let e tell you ' it is all luck for practical purposes. ' On the way down, I was losing all 60/40 flips ,was dealt ton of 2 or 1 outter on turn and river. It got to the point where I knew it was coming. Then the last tourney I won, chop 44 v. TT, 55 beat JJ ( preflop against same player ) , then AK beat KK.. think there was one other specular 'coming from behind' prior to the final table.

          jjpregler most knowledgable on the forum right? why isn't he playing next to luke greenwood? I don't believe it is volume. luck didn't go your way right
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            The graph looks a bit odd. You seem to go down slowly and then up quickly, over and over. You might want to try to figure out why that is.

            Edit: Oh...wait...if it's tournaments vs cash I guess that would make sense to be that way. I usually think in terms of cash games. And with that said, you appear to be close to a break-even player to me ... within one good sized cash of even ... personally I'd move DOWN in stakes until I made sure.
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              You got it, I have to be pretty deluded to think it is normal to bink in succession. So could just be 2 up

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