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HM3 or PT4?

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  • HM3 or PT4?

    Hello all,

    Just after opinions on whether you use Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker, and why you use that one in paticular?

    I play MTT’s if that makes any difference?


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    I did use Poker Tacker because that was the most popular one at the time. I think I got it before the two companies merged. I think now most people get PT. The ones who stay with Hold'em manager are the ones that had it from the beginning. I could be wrong about that though.

    Unfortunately, I live in NJ and HUDs are not allowed.



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      I like PT4 but it is the HUD I've ever used


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        I use PT4 because I was able to get it free by playing on William Hill.

        Not sure if that offer is still available, but if you are UK based it's probably worth you looking into.


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          I went with HM3 because I mostly play on ignition and HM3 has a hand grabber app available. The hand grabber app works pretty good as long as you do a few things in the correct order. You have to load HM3, then load Ignition. Only open 1 table and when the HUD opens/displays you can open an additional table, wait for the HUD to display and so on untill you have 4 tables open. Ignition only allows 4 tables for cash games.

          Also you can use JLs HUD with HM3.


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            HM3 - because that is the one I always used. I don't know if PT4 is any better or worse. However, they are the top 2 in the game, so if one is worse in an area, it is only by small degrees.

            You can trial both of them. I think 2 weeks for HM3 and 30 days for PT4. Why don't you trial them and choose the best for you.