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  • Poker Books in 2021

    Hey Everyone,

    I am a premium member on and it is extremely helpful. I do love reading books also and looking for some good poker books that are relevant to todays game. So far I am currently reading John Little's Master Small Stakes No Limit and I tried to read Applications of No Limit Hold Em by Matthew Janda but am founding it a tough read as I may need to advance my game more before thoroughly understanding that book. Does anyone have any suggestions for good books on math and theory, or just a poker book that is overall a good read. Thanx.

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    I usually can pickup something from any poker book I read. The books written before and after the poker boom, before range and solvers came into play, are still really relevant because they teach strategy. You learn different strategies from different experts. Here are some of my favorites

    Super System
    Ace of the River
    The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King
    Crushing the Microstakes
    Modern Small Stakes Poker
    The Theory of Poker Applied to No Limit Hold'em
    Life's a Gamble
    The Godfather of Poker
    Harrington Online Cash Game
    Harrington on Hold'em (Cash Games)
    Phil Gordon's Little Gold Book
    Caro's Most Profitable Hold'em Advice
    Your Worst Poker Enemy
    Poker Winners are Different
    Your Best Poker Friend
    The Mental Game of Poker Vol 1
    Elements of Poker



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      Thanx man!! I appreciate it. Will definitely check some of these out. I hear Harrington on Hold'em is a good read.

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    I'm currently reading 'Why Alex Beats Bobbie At Poker' by Duncan Palamourdas.

    It's far less intense that other recent books such as 'Modern Poker Theory' but that does not mean it is lacking in quality.

    WABBAP is probably the book I would recommend to someone starting their poker journey as the anecdotal examples used to explain the early concepts are really good. If you have a fundamental strategy already locked down (I like to think I'm well on my way) then quite a bit of the early chapters might be rehashing what you already know, but it's still a good read.

    There also seems to be quite a bit in terms of preparation and mindset work away from the table which is good.


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      I don't know how about others, but I never learned poker from books. There was only one book that I read, and I enjoyed it as general knowledge, and this one is The Godfather of Poker. Poker you learn while playing. You have to gain experience. You need to know what it is to lose, and in this way, you will know how to win. I've read this leading sportsbook online, and I found out a few tricks about this game. I used them, and they are beneficial. Anyway, I play poker once a week with my friends, and we do it just for fun.
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