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i am sure i have played this hand correctly

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  • i am sure i have played this hand correctly

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    I like how you played the hand, you could jam turn but would have folded out all of his bluffs... you let him bluff off into you and got max value so well played!


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      This isn't a fault of the play just a discussion. Even that said, I don't know if this was a good play or not as defined by GTO or otherwise. The issue for me is that you had 2 clubs in your hand, but not the Ace. you having 2 clubs = its bad play, not holding the ace = good play. Given that villain raised an EP open and you holding K , Q and flush blockers... The Jack high Flop and dry board where you hit the turn. Its a way ahead way behind villain river bet. I will give you atta boys for the river call. That was probably the best play on this whole line.