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have i played this hand correctly ?

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  • have i played this hand correctly ?

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    I would have folded against his turn bet, you have all the 6’s in your range and he is still barrelling. We have the Q of clubs which also makes it unlikely he is on a club draw, I’d fold this and maybe call turn with 77-99’s?


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      i wanted to fold the turn initially but then i thought he is aggressive and the board didnt change with the brick 2 thats why he is supposed to barrel again often times
      but otherwise with which hands would i fold the turn i have called the flop with ?

      so if he is brave enough to barrel again on the turn he reps strength

      thoughts ?


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        Yes I agree his turn barrel reps some strength.

        Your check/call flop check/fold turn range is essentially your overcard floats which unfortunately is your hand in this case.


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          I would 3 bet AQo preflop, you have a strong hand and its against the HJ


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            At the stakes your playing I agree with most of the comments here. Against a tough field, I would only fault the river call and only mildly. Its not a terrible mistake other at least conceptually.


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              Pre-flop AQs I would have called v. HJ open, but AQo I would have raised. Based on my (bitter) experiences I would have reached the river and with a sigh, folded.


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                This is what separates No Limit Hold'em from Limit Hold'em. A minor mistake preflop is no big deal in Limit, but it is only a big deal in No Limit. By not 3-betting preflop, you let him in with a marginal hand. If you 3-bet, you probably could have gotten him to fold preflop because smaller suited connectors work better in a multi-way pot and not for playing heads-up against a loner 3bet raiser preflop. I would either 3bet or fold preflop. You don't even beat the best bluff, which would be AK.

                I think you overplayed your hand and should have folded the turn because you only had a 13% to make a pair on the river. If I some how mange to get myself to the river, I would never check call, I would have check raised. That is your only chance to win after you have gone this deep in the hand. Would it have worked? Probably not because he had 3 6's, but if he had a pair, it probably would have.



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                  solver says

                  preflop call 91% of the time and raise 9% of the time with the AQo !

                  (see picture 1 , 2 and 3 )

                  solver loves to 3bet with hands that flop well and get easier to the river , so basically suited broadways and nut hands !

                  flop check 100%

                  facing the 2080 bet solver calls 100%

                  turn solver open checks 100%

                  facing the 4200 bet on the turn solver folds 100% of the time (see picture 4)


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                    I prefer 3 betting with AQo for the exact reason you said it should be a call. AQs plays much better and that might be a better hand to limp with because now you have the nut flush.