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Catching an Aggressive player

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  • Catching an Aggressive player

    I was playing online the other day just a small 0.25/0.50 cent cash game. I noticed that whenever I was in the CO and threw money in the pot the SB would raise which led to me folding a few times and basically giving him free money. In this hand I was CO again and was dealt QQ. I limped in because I hoped SB would raise and he did. I 3 bet him, he sits in the tank and jams all in for $70. I snapped called because of the way he was playing for the past hour. I felt like he was just specifically trying to bully me. So he shows AJ I had QQ and end up hitting a boat. After that he added more chips to the table but never raised me from the SB again. Anyone have any other good tips to take down an aggressive opponent?
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    I’m not sure i’d recommend the following as a tactic, but it was very satisfying:

    i found that i could outplay an irritating maniac 50+ vpip, who had a smaller stack than me, by raising preflop to *exactly* how much cash they had in their stack whenever i had cards that crushed their range.

    my theory was most of his range preflop was trash , so the top part of my range should have a massive advantage in ev.

    It proved very profitable as after two or three raises where they folded preflop, they finally cracked and called.
    ....And outflopped me despite being at only about 25% equity -(. Edit: equilab says less than 15%)
    So i did it again.
    they outflopped me. Again at about 20-30% equity. Heh, gotta love poker.

    Third time was the charm, won all my money back and his entire stack.

    i’m not sure i’d 100% advocate it as i’m still new to NL, but for someone in the right mood for variance and a deep stack, might be something to experiment with...?
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