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Quizz 1101, K3 from Big blind by Matt Affleck

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  • Quizz 1101, K3 from Big blind by Matt Affleck

    I don't understand, don't agree with mr. affect. If I were villain with KT-KQ, I don't fold to flop lead. In spite of what mr. affect might chose to lead there (polar), villain might think population leads alot weaker and frequent, then going to turn and river, big blind could be digging his grave if he isn't a good postflop player on a connected, possibly dynamic board.
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    The SPR is very low so I think if you call with random overs you'll be spewing money.
    UTG has very bad board coverage on that flop and should probably only continue with front doors and better.
    Connected flops 7 and under favor the BB since UTG lacks board coverage which often results in them having to over fold.
    UTG has no straights and no two pair combos.
    This also means that UTG is going to check back a high percentage of the time rather than cbet range. When that happens we don't get to xr and the IP player gets a free card and it's a 2 street game. .
    The BB shouldn't do a lot of donk leading but this is the precise texture we like in this spot and shouldn't miss the opportunity when it arises IMO.


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      That's fine or you can try to understand the concept and lean on Matts expertise and the data he compiled over 100's of thousands of hands.


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        idea isn't radically new. I don't think any move is timeless. I float for same reason you lead. So how would you play every possible turn if called or raised? ( 1, give up 2, stake your tournament life ) I really think move is a pot sweetener.
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