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Playing quads multiway

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  • Playing quads multiway

    I'm in the Hijack in a 2/5 live casino game (100 BBs) and pick up 66. The Lojack OR 3BB's and I call, as does the Btn and both blinds. Flop is 667
    The blinds and Lojack checked to me - should I check or bet my quads on this wet-looking flop?

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    I don't think it's entirely clear. One of those situations where you could do either, depending on the game.

    It would be a shame to wake them up when you have a monster. In terms of what's taught here, I don't think you have the range or nut advantage, so you aren't being pushed to bet for range-theoretic reasons either.

    So, I guess I'd lean toward a check.


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      Bet small. Looks like a position bet or nip the pot. People may give you the six but a draw would call.


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        I would bet small. I believe it would get called by someone drawing a flush and if that flush hits on the turn then I would check and hope for my opponent to bet.