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Help with donk bet defense

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  • Help with donk bet defense

    When I play online or in a live game, i frequently encounter getting donk bet into. There really isn't a rhyme or reason behind these bets. Players seem to do this with a wide range of hands from complete bluffs, marginal made hands, draws, and the nuts. I know we are supposed to react depending on the type of opponent, but again it seems to be all over the map when it comes to who is making these bets and what their holdings are. I play in pretty much lower stakes and so I guess a lot of people are beginners to intermediate.
    I haven't seen Mr. Little talk about this much as I know he doesn't advocate donk betting. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    I donk a lot when I am in position and know the flop didnt hit my opponent well, many straightforward players just fold their AKo type auf hands. If not on the flop, then on the turn with the second bet I tend to go a bit bigger just to get a fold no matter if I hit the board or not. If I were you with any decent hand I would always at least call. On the turn you decide if your hand is still any good and depending on how big his continuation bet is (fold more to big bets if you have nothing), marginal hands I would most often still call on the turn depending on odds and outs and if I think my opponent is bluffing (like I would be) or if he actually made a hand. I think most of the time your instincts on this will be right (if you are not overly frightened)


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      You can't donk bet in position.