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  • Taking advantage of the Premium Membership

    Hi guys,

    This may be a silly question but hopefully I will get some good answers to help me. I consider myself a beginner in the world of Texas Hold Em. I understand the fundamentals pretty well like Position/calling/raising/3 BET/C BET/ and ok with range charts etc... However, I just purchased the premium membership with and was wondering what courses should I start out and go from there. Anyone have good suggestions.

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    Welcome!!! I would check out all the chapters in the fundamentals course first. If you are comfortable with all the topics, then bypass it and take a course that will help you with the area of poker you are currently playing(i.e. Tournaments, online, cash games etc.). I would also take the quizzes and classes that are in the same area that you are working on. In addition, you should sprinkle in courses on tilt, tells and mindset, so you become a well rounded poker player.

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      As NJpokermike36 says, the fundamental course is a great place to start. You might find you do already know everything there, and if so, great! If not, you'll be able to quickly plug the fundamental gaps in your knowledge now to stop them becoming a problem in the future.

      The specific cash game and tournament learning paths will be very useful. They can be found under the 'Challenges' header.

      Also, get posting and answering questions here on the forum to help improve.


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        If you have been through the beginner stuff, if I would start with the Tournament Master Class or Cash Game Master class under he courses section. Be prepared as it will take time to get through but you will learn so much!


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          Thank you for the responses