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  • Quiz training 402-430

    Hi I don t have so many opportunities for playing and study my own hands, so I decided that i will study all quizes step, by step with making strategy charts of assuming my range and villain range.
    CO Open

    My strategy BTN:

    BB raise 18k, CO fold , my strategy, but base on quizs let s assume i ll call also with AJo and ATo and KQo

    BB bet 15k my strategy

    On turn BB jam

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    403 me SB raise for 600

    BB call,he can have something like this

    SB flop strategy:

    We checked BB bet pot , it s hard to say what is his strategy, but base on read on player he can be overly agresive ane bet also lot of junk and marginal made hands
    My strategy will be:


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      UTG+2 open:

      My strategy at CO :

      BU can call with something like this:

      BB jam something like this

      My strategy will be jam


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        I will raise 3500 and call with red range


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          HJ posible range

          My BB strategy

          LEt s assume that HJ can bet with his whole range , my strategy will by somethink like this

          on turn i will choose this strategy but there is chance when villain will bet on bigger side that i will overfold some marginal made hands

          Villain can call on flop with this range (the most loose calls) :

          ass a exploit we can drasticlly overbluff if villain vill call something like this

          So river strategy can look something like that but that s really really hard exploitative strategy


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            Martin anytime you would like to do a zoom for an hour or so I would be game. Of course I wouldn't be much help to you but you would sure help me


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              quiz 403 is about population tendeicy of young players, right? Who cares about what your ranges look like? nothing to do with the point Alex was making.

              quiz 406, on river, jon little says ' do I check raise flop with 8? would I jam river with a jack '. he jammed river without knowing which hands he would actually play that way.
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                Maybe you don't understand the exercise Martin is doing or why it's posted in the forum.

                I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the forum, it's tools and it's members so you can avoid making dumb comments like this in the future.


                • ronan23
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                  dumb is one who is quick to assume, as in life. did quiz 406 again, Jon little made 3rd barrel bluff he himself thought didn't make any sense. Where does your range fit into all that ? Of all crazes, most laughable are the ones who think they know, actually proves how little they know.

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                kkep I would like to but I rarely have some calm moments without baby when I can discuss about strategies But I have some hope that in some times I ll have some better times at work so, there is some hope
                ronan23 Whe you are trying to exploit population tendencies, the best way is still thinking about his ranges with included his flaws. In the other it s hard to choose right strategy to maximalize your exploit.


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                  My strategy was use this range with 2x

                  CO can 3bet with various strategies but he can have something like this, but he can have various build of strategy, when someone will allways call with AA or jam with pairs JJ-44, so there is more option but with small raise there will be some best hands and some bluffs :

                  Preflop I will respond with this strategy:

                  And I will check range on the flop and there is chance that Villain can bet a range so i will respond with this strategy : (Axo is jaming with A of spade for blocker and backdoor equity)


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                    my range:

                    CO range can be somthing like this :

                    And BTN can have strategy like this :

                    Flop Ac7c2d I will use this strategy with lover sizing :
                    Reaction of CO and BTN I will assume that they will have not raising range for simplification

                    Oponents called and turn is 6s, my strategy will be unbalanced, based on I have got fold equity on flop but now it s clear that one of them will have at least solid Ax

                    I will not solve checking range base on this strategy


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                      UTG strategy 2x:

                      Vallain can 3bet range like this

                      I ll react with this strategy

                      After flop I ll check whole calling range and CO can bet his whoile range like that so this will be my strategy:


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                        was going to give you benefit of doubt for your exercise. Quiz 409, who raises A5s-A7s with 15BB? Nor would I 3bet bluff A5s. Raise to how much? I prefer open, not open jam. If villain had any 3bet bluff, maybe KQs should call off on the flop??? which contravenes with point Affleck was making.
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                        • kkep
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                          One more trolling type post and you're gone. I asked you to familiarize yourself with this forum before posting something like this again and clearly you couldn't be bothered.

                          This is unnecessary *was going to give you benefit of doubt for your exercise'

                          If you bothered to check the ranges we work with here you would learn that opening A5s-A7s is a thing and to answer your question the sizing would be 2x.

                          I'm not going to allow new people to come in here and potentially make long time members feel uncomfortable using the forum.

                        • ronan23
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                          You are not gonna allow or not allow anything except deluding yourself, open 2x from utg A5 and 15bb. You could start making quizzes of your own.

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                        btn open

                        calling range from SB pasive preflop caling range can look like this

                        I will bet small with whole range, because SB have tough time to defend at MDF
                        SB can continue with something like this(if he is calling evrything to at least get close to MDF)

                        My turn strategy

                        I will go for smaller bet of hafl pot

                        Because villain will probably call with this range but we assume that he can bet his premium on river

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