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  • Different charts for the same topic

    Hi guys,

    I stumbled upon this video by Jonathan and it helped me a lot ( I wanted to dig deeper into the strategy he suggests and bought his book "Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'Em: Strategies to Consistently Beat Small Stakes Tournaments and Cash Games". Unfortunately, the charts are not the same here.

    Then I registered right here on Pokercoaching, where I also found the charts from the video. Unfortunately, there still is no additional content based on those charts.

    I then checked out the course "Master The Fundamentals" and the section "Preflop Strategy: When Everyone Folds To You". Again, completely different charts, especially small blind situations are totally different.

    So I'm confused now. Is there any material building up on the charts from the video I saw? Maybe a different book, a course I didn't find, anything?

    Any help is highly appreciated!

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    Those are the charts used in the Cash Game Masterclass course. A little different in some places because the strategy taught is deeper to go with it(and fairly different in the case of the SB).


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      I find myself with the same question, especially as to the SB, which really is very different between the chart sets. Unless I am doing it wrong, the selectable Cash Game 8max - 100 Big Blinds SB RFI charts show a raise or fold strategy, while the cash game masterclass has a strategy involving a lot of limping.

      I personally prefer the RFI strategy, but that really isn't the point. What I think is a relevant question is why the big difference? And why also the difference (in the cash game strategy) between the RFI approach on the Btn vs the frequent limp approach on the SB? I would think you'd almost be willing to reverse that, because you'd like to win outright from the SB and not deal with being out of position. Possibly this is wrong, but why?

      More practically, if I choose to implement the RFI strategy instead of the Masterclass one, is this costing me anything? How much?