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  • Which site(s) for BBs & HUDS

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Starting to get serious about poker and became a premium member. Coach Jon teaches in terms of big blinds and not chips. Trying to find a site that I can switch from chips to BBs (currently on Ignition & ACR) and accepts the use of HUDS. ACR has BBs but in one of Coach Jon's video he says he doesnt recommend using the HUD on that site. So I'm just wondering where to sign up so I can switch from chips to BBs and use a HUD without "worrying" about anything.

    Thank you

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    What is your location / country?


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      I'm in Ohio, USA. Forgot to mention I tried PokerStars and I guess it's not available for real money here?
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        There's nowhere you can play without worrying about anything, unfortunately in the US except for NV, NJ, PA, MI, DE, we're stuck with unregulated unlicensed sites which always comes with some level of risk. Using a HUD on ACR should be fine though, do you have a link to the video with JL bringing up the HUD issue? Would definitely be interested to take a look at that


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          It's the "How to Use a HUD to CRUSH Your Opponents!" video on YouTube. 7minutes in he mentions that he doesnt recommend it on that site. Maybe just an old video? Just confused on if its accepted to play with a HUD on a regular basis on that site.


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            He's not saying don't use a HUD on ACR, he's saying he doesn't endorse ACR period because it's an unlicensed and unregulated site. If you can play on licensed and regulated sites, play there. If not, ACR, Ignition, and Global are the lesser of all evils, we just need to accept it's a sub-optimal situation and not keep any money on the sites we aren't prepared to lose at a moment's notice...but to your question, yeah if you;re playing on ACR using HM3 or PT4 is fine

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          i think JL would never recommend an unlicensed site

          i have had big problems with cashing out on acr , i finally got my money but this ist still in my mind also they charge a lot if you apply for bank transfer

          i had to organise a bitcoin wallet : )


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            If you play on Ignition and have HM3 you can set up the HUD to display BBs. Although I not good at this type of stuff I did figure out how to get JLs HUD to show BBs.