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  • Investing in a HUD

    so I have invested in pokercoaching premium and now i think the best next step is getting a HUD. Im currently looking at sharkscope and holdem manager 3. They both seem like good options. which one does hand tracking and hand replays better? more user friendly? any tips would be helpful. thanks!

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    I recently bought HM3. Has everything you mentioned. I'm not familiar with SharkScope or if it has better qualities you're looking for, but, HM3 I am not regretting my $100 purchase at all. Coach Jon also uses HM3 so I got it as to not be "lost" if he's teaching using HM3.


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      i am very satsified with hm3 , to be honest i never heard any pro uses a different hud than hm or pt


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        What is your level? Are you just starting?

        IF you are just starting I would say it’s better to invest your time and money in studying and learning.
        Once you start crushing the microstakes you may start thinking about a HUD. The point being if you don’t win at the microstakes you still have a lot to learn and wasting time and energy for studying HUD stats, what do they mean and how to use that information properly and apply it to your game....that won’t help you to move up.

        Also I think that the future of poker is “HUD free”. Everyday more and more sites are shutting it down. The sooner you learn how to be a winning player without a HUD the better!

        However, HM3 is a great programme! It keeps track of tons of data. You can analyse it after you sessions, find flows and mistakes and improve your game. But again- this is not for a beginner. If you are just starting focus on mastering the fundamentals and leave those somewhat-more-advanced-level-stuff for later.


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          HM3/PT4 are both much better options than Sharkscope in my opinion.

          I was able to get PT4 as part of a promotion with William Hill Poker which is something you can look into if you're UK based.


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            Is there like a simple cheap HUD that just makes graphs with redline without the extra nonsense?


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                Any thoughts on poker copilot? As a mac user, this seems to be the best option, or at least a google search suggests that. I actually have poker copilot and find it fine, though I don't think I'm using it to its fullest yet - just wondering if anyone knows of compelling reasons to seek out one of the other options?


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                  I'm happy with PT4