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  • MTT field depth

    Hello all,

    I am just beginning my tournament grind in the $5-15 mark.

    My question is how deep are the fields in the MTT’s you all play?

    I’ve been playing a lot of PartyPoker’s Daily Legend games as the late reg is short and limited rebuys.

    Fields in these games are generally 500-1000 players, is it achievable to grind these games and be succesful?

    I know a lot of people play on lesser sites like Sky or Grosvenor and the fields are smaller.


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    All games are beatable if you work hard enough.

    The larger the fields the higher the variance though. I play MTTs from roughly 250-400 entrants (Grosvenor) up to 2k-6k (Pokerstars).

    Recently I've been more profitable at Grosvenor because it's easier to have a deep run, but my biggest wins have come from Pokerstars, they just don't come around as often.


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      Yeah that makes sense. I have spent some time on Grosvenor and it definitely seems softer, maybe a lot of live players on there during lockdowns.

      Are you not a fan of Party?


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        I used to play on Party Poker until once when I was on a deep run in a tournament that had a massive overlay (there were large overlays in some of the large buy-in tournaments too) and conveniently their servers crashed which saved them a large amount of money.

        I haven't trusted them since.


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          Daily legends are very good tournaments, especially with the leaderboard. But those are high variance tournaments. Id you want to grind and see your bank go up more consistently you should consider playing in the morning. There the fields are around 100ppl.