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6 max vs full ring

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  • 6 max vs full ring

    I've always found full ring better than 6mx for some reason. I know 6 max is more hands per hr but there's less players to pickon, ie yiou can usually get 2 or 3 bad player types on full ring but 6max maybe only 1 and everyone's more aggressive.
    Having said that 6max seems more popular.
    Do you think nlhe is going to stay more popular at 6max?

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    I think the online sites are more likely to encourage it. More hands per hour equals more rake for them.


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      No data to support this but I assume full ring population is softer. Full ring should only mean 3 extra positions where you barely play any hands so most grinders are going to prefer playing more hands from later positions in 6Max, and many recs are going to prefer being slightly harder to isolate and exploit in a ring game