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    I currently have about 95,000 hands playing $10.00 6 max ,4 tables, and winning about 3.5BB/100. At times it seems flush boards occur more frequently than they should. These boards come in "streaks" and at times it's almost unplayable. When you throw in the rabbit card feature the situation is magnified. One time there was a monotone flop on all 4 tables I was playing (have to admit that was amusing).

    I know randomness runs in streaks but at times this borders on being ridiculous. I was wondering if other Ignition players or those playing other sites notice this? Also any thoughts on this are appreciated.


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    I can't speak from experience on Ignition, but all major sites are thoroughly audited to make sure they are fair.

    Glad to see you're beating your game over a decent number of hands, nice work.