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  • Biggest score / premium member

    Hi everybody,

    I signed up yesterday as a premium member at I started the tournament masterclass immediately and love the material so far. Also did what I was probably not suppose to do: played a bunch of tournaments at the same time. I ended up winning a daily legend 2,2k player on pp, which is a huge deal for me and my highest score ever. I was super lucky though and I felt pretty helpless sometimes at the later stages of the tournament tbh. Before I signed up, I studied Jonathanˋs book „secrets of professional tournament poker vol. 1“, which was eyeopening in terms of strategic aggression. So, while I can’t really credit pokercoaching for the win (7 hours is probably not enough time to let the training sink in ;-)) I definitely credit Jonathan’s book :-).

    Im excited to move forward and close all the holes in my game. Also looking forward to discussion with all the poker enthusiast on this site.



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    Study hard and keep crushing

    the book is great on mtt especially how to play different effective Stack sizes.

    however poker has evolved a lot since this time

    nowadays People 4 bet / 5bet less often and through working With solvers bet Sizing has changed a Lot Bad you have to play range vs range better for instance