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    Do we need stuff like poker tracker for 1 to 1 coaching?
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      Well I'll say probably not , though I'll also say I've yet to do any personal coaching but intend to. The real question might be when to get personal coaching , for my own right I think i'll be ready for coaching when my bank roll has grown solid and i want to move up in stakes , so post T masterclass , probably post Modern Poker theory study ( slated for after i finally finish the masterclass but will be a slog with my reading strength XD) after that i think i will get the most out of it , just so I'm on a level that can really benefit from it .
      With that in mind ask yourself what you want out of the coaching because for all i know you crush $55Ts and find yourself break even in $109Ts ( I don't XD crush either yet) if that's the case , well i would say for one I'm surprised you don't have Hm3 or PT4 and two any coach will be happy to help you improve and will I'm sure have a bunch of strategies to help you improve once they know what you are looking for out of the coaching .
      I will end with a small confession ,I thought i wanted personal coaching before i knew how to play poker , before i knew ranges within reason , before i had any real reason for doing anything at the table aside from " it's a draw bet big " , " damn guy called , damn draw bricked ,bet 110% " , But if i found a coach at that time they would have said looking at any hand " What's you range look like here " and i would have gone a bit red in the face looking like this "(O-o) range?..?....." and no doubt happy to be paid to teach they would have taught me a voluntarily expensive lesson on poker ranges and how to start playing and thinking right about the game . If you are in them shoes , just try to get a premium membership , do the T masterclass hour per hour value is good , i haven't added up the hours but it's said to be 50+ hours and that's like $12.50 an hour or something , if you sign up for a year take the class and do nothing else with all the afforded opportunity .
      Hope it help GLHF at the tables .


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        I think you need either PT4 or HM3 if you want to have any reasonable chance of studying your own online game.