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    Do we need stuff like poker tracker for 1 to 1 coaching?
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    New Low: whiner should be taken down.


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      Well I'll say probably not , though I'll also say I've yet to do any personal coaching but intend to. The real question might be when to get personal coaching , for my own right I think i'll be ready for coaching when my bank roll has grown solid and i want to move up in stakes , so post T masterclass , probably post Modern Poker theory study ( slated for after i finally finish the masterclass but will be a slog with my reading strength XD) after that i think i will get the most out of it , just so I'm on a level that can really benefit from it .
      With that in mind ask yourself what you want out of the coaching because for all i know you crush $55Ts and find yourself break even in $109Ts ( I don't XD crush either yet) if that's the case , well i would say for one I'm surprised you don't have Hm3 or PT4 and two any coach will be happy to help you improve and will I'm sure have a bunch of strategies to help you improve once they know what you are looking for out of the coaching .
      I will end with a small confession ,I thought i wanted personal coaching before i knew how to play poker , before i knew ranges within reason , before i had any real reason for doing anything at the table aside from " it's a draw bet big " , " damn guy called , damn draw bricked ,bet 110% " , But if i found a coach at that time they would have said looking at any hand " What's you range look like here " and i would have gone a bit red in the face looking like this "(O-o) range?..?....." and no doubt happy to be paid to teach they would have taught me a voluntarily expensive lesson on poker ranges and how to start playing and thinking right about the game . If you are in them shoes , just try to get a premium membership , do the T masterclass hour per hour value is good , i haven't added up the hours but it's said to be 50+ hours and that's like $12.50 an hour or something , if you sign up for a year take the class and do nothing else with all the afforded opportunity .
      Hope it help GLHF at the tables .


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        I think you need either PT4 or HM3 if you want to have any reasonable chance of studying your own online game.


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          I think that such a game is very fast and therefore very convenient. Of course, I haven't been playing poker for a long time and I still have a poor understanding of the correct strategy and how players should think during the game. Therefore, I need a coach who can improve the quality of my game more than anyone else. I started playing initially just to spend some free time and made small bets only on one online gaming platform. But the success of popular players has really motivated me to improve my skills and learn how to earn money. So I would like to get advice from more professional players and take advantage of coaching.
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