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Charts for Home Games when 6 left and low on blinds

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  • Charts for Home Games when 6 left and low on blinds

    Hi there

    I have been playing a lot of home games recently,

    Usually starts with around 10-20 people.

    I get down to final groups relatively ok.

    However i struggle on a few things:

    1: I have studied the charts on pokercoaching, Early on, when have aroun 40 blinds, and maybe 5 or 6 on a table, do you simply omit UTG, UTG+1 etc and play as HJ range if next to the Big Blind.

    2: Also, i find when 5 or 6 left and a lot of us are lower on blinds range from 5 or 6 up to 25 maybe. I assume you need to be selective in your spots when push etc., as i have pushed a few times and got caught , as based on charts. So maybe in this spot when closing on the money you need to be a lot tighter??

    Hope this helps, and woudl really appreciate some input?


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    It maybe worth noting, a lot of the payers don't follow GTO and limp a bit, some are tight aggresivie. maybe 2 decent players and few ok ones.


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      Think of when someone folds at the table that they are no longer there. When the first 3 players at a 9 handed table fold, you are effectively playing a 6 handed table. The person next to act is the Lojack, not UTG.
      I like the way Matt Affleck labels his early positions.
      Small Blind- UTG2... or first to act two handed. Also the Dealer 2 handed.
      Button- UTG3
      Cutoff- UTG4
      Hijack- UTG5
      Lojack- UTG6 First to act 6 handed
      UTG+2- UTG7
      UTG+1- UTG8
      UTG- UTG9
      Its a lot easier to only use "Under the Gun" when 9 handed, because that is the position the UTG charts are for.
      Almost everyone uses the position names on the left column because that is what poker tracking software uses, but the right column helped me understand that there really isn't an "under the gun" 6 handed, but a UTG6.
      6max players often call the Lojack "Under the Gun", which just leads to confusion in conversations and of middle and early position charts. It's much easier and more clear to say Hijack instead of "Under the gun 5 handed", or even UTG5.
      Some live tables are 10 handed, meaning there is an UTG+3, which would then become UTG7, which would still play like an UTG7. First to act 7 handed is always UTG7 whether you call it UTG+2, UTG+3, or MP2.
      Poker positions Diagram | Quizlet

      When you get near payouts, the chips you lose are worth more than the chips you win. This is called ICM, or the independent chip model. The bigger the pay jump, the tighter you should shove. JL has videos of himself training with ICMizer, after you watch the videos you can get a free trial.
      Introduction to ICM |
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