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  • Final Table Review

    Hi all,

    Took a small tourney down this evening and I'm going to review the final table in the near future.

    Would anyone be interested in joining me over zoom and going through it?

    Realistically won't be until next week, but can probably work something out if anyone is interested.

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    Well Played Sir.

    I'd be up for that


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      GG LondonImp !

      Count me in


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        how many tournaments have you played and do you still think it can be beat long run?


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          Cal42628 Here are some of my stats since making the switch from cash to MTTs on roughly 01-Nov-2020:

          Total played: 647
          ROI: 100.95%
          All-In Adj BB/100: 9.39
          Profit/Loss: +£4,244.08

          A few comments:

          - Relatively small sample size (total hands played in tournaments: 37,633)
          - Actual BB/100 is 13.77 so I have run better than expected
          - I have played a high percentage of turbos and PKOs which result in a lower All-In Adj BB/100 than you can expect to get in slower, non-knockout tournaments
          - My profit is probably roughly $300 dollars better than reflected above. PT4 does not correctly capture the $7 on-demand tournaments that I play a lot of (it always counts as a loss, even when I cash/win) and I haven't manually updated the results of satellites and subsequent tournaments that I play when I win them, which are also not captured correctly.

          In short, yes I still think they can be beaten in the long run. But again I must stress it's a small sample size. Let's see how I'm getting on at the end of 2021


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            I agree it's a small sample, but everything looks good so far. Here's to another 11 months of run good. Cheers my man!


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              I always look at tournament in terms of if I win first. But it might be possible to have a steadily rising curve without scores. That way is less stressful.
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                Originally posted by Cal42628 View Post
                But it might be possible to have a steadily rising curve without scores.
                You're getting confused with cash games I think. A tournament results graph is going to be far more up and down then a "steadily rising curve" due to the increase in variance. Generally, graphs trickle down, or stay a bit flat, with the occasional big spike.


                • Cal42628
                  Cal42628 commented
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                  What I meant was he had a rising graph when there weren't dollar signs, long periods even.

                • LondonImp
                  LondonImp commented
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                  I suppose over a really large sample size it should look like a smooth increase. But it's the occasional big win (especially if you play large field tournaments) that causes big jumps.

                • Maniac1130
                  Maniac1130 commented
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                  I think he misunderstood me somewhere and thought I was attacking him, which I wasn't. So this is directed at me. You are right, Cal. My graph was over a short period of time, 240 tournaments to be exact.

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                We're going to be reviewing the FT (147 hands) on Thursday 04/02/2020 at 8pm GMT.

                Please send me a PM if you're interested in joining in and I'll send the zoom meeting details over.


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                  kkep is kindly running all the hands through Holdem Resources Calculator so we can discuss the correct plays from an ICM point of view, as well as the exploitative lines I was attempting to take.


                  • Turbulence
                    Turbulence commented
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                    Count me in for Thursday