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    Hi everyone, Im new at HUD stats and I need help to understand what the gap between VPIP and PFR says about a poker player, I wathed the mastering the HUD course but I still have some questions, thank you for your answer. I hope that as i continue to study I can give a positive feedback too.

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    In short, the bigger the gap, the more passive the player.

    If they VPiP is a lot higher than PFR then it means they're doing a lot of preflop calling, as opposed to raising themselves.


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      Thank you Londonlmp, but what happens to the players that have for example: VPIP 29 PFR 20, or 25 15?, how can you classify that kind of players?


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        There was a fantastic post by an old member on here called reeeeeeper who went into a lot of detail about classifying and tagging players based on their stats.

        I've had a good look for it this evening for you but I can't seem to find it.

        kkep do you have a link to it? I know you've referenced it for me before.


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          LondonImp I think he or someone else deleted it but this was probably the initial thread.


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            LondonImp kkep thank you so much guys you are so cool