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How to calculate implied odds

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  • How to calculate implied odds

    Can someone tell me how to calculate implied odds on pre flop and post flop? For example: opponent bets 50 on a 100 pot and i have 400 left.. what are my implied odds?

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    Our actual odds are based on what we can win based on what is currently in the pot.

    Our implied odds are what we can potentially win, provided we can get all of the chips into the middle.

    Looking at your example (assuming our opponent has us covered):

    Our actual odds are 3:1. 150 total of the pot plus our opponent's bet on the left, and our call on the right. Then just rounded down so 150:50 becomes 3:1.

    Our implied odds are 10:1. On the left we have the sum of: the pot (100), the opponent's bet(50), and the total remaining in our stack after we call (350), and again our call on the right. So, 500:50 which can be rounded down to 10:1.

    Does that make sense?


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      Makes sense. Thank you very much. Now i have another doubt when preflop facing 2 opponents for calculating the implied odds. Do i need to consider just my remaining stack if i cover them or do i need to consider both of their remaining stacks? Example: utg bets 7 (100 remaining), hj calls 7 (100 remaining) and im in position with 200 remaining. What are implied odds?


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        Implied odds can't really be calculated in this situation.

        The calculation was assume that every time we're going to hit our hand we stack both opponents and that's simply not going to happen very often at all.

        In spots like that, it's important to make sure the SPR (stack to pot ratio) is still going to very high on the flop. If you're calling 89s (a hand that benefits from implied odds) and the SPR on the flop is going to be 1 then you're almost certainly making a mistake.