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Never seen this before can the oods be calculated?

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  • Never seen this before can the oods be calculated?

    In 20 years of playing I've never seen this.

    9 handed table

    I was playing a tournament yesterday on ACR and ran my AK into AA I had a lot of chips maybe 100k and he doubled from like 20k to 44k, I went to 80k.

    Very next hand I get AA he has AK when get it in pre and I get my chips back and knock him out.

    Can't be less than 5 billion to 1?


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    Chance of villain getting AK: 16/1326

    Chance of getting AA with AK removed from deck: 3/1225

    Chance of AK against AA: (16/1326)*(3/1225) = 0.003%

    Twice in a row = 0.003%^2 = 0.000009%

    Or 9 in 100,000,000

    This is assuming heads up play. 9 handed it's actually going to be a bit more frequently because the odds of getting AA v AK 9 handed is more likely than HU. But then going AA v AK against the same person again is the same odds as HU I believe.

    Could be wrong. Interesting though.