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Buy ins for first Vegas trip.

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  • Buy ins for first Vegas trip.

    Hi All,

    This is my first post to the forum, glad to be here! I just finished the Cash Game MasterClass and I loved it.

    I am going to Vegas for the first time January 17-20. I have a bankroll of $1000 max and will be looking to play 1-2. My question is, what do you all recommend I buy in for? Should I buy in for 200 and only have 5 buy ins? or should I buy in for 100-150 and play shorter stack?

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

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    Also, just to add to my post. This is a recreational vacation trip. I am prepared to lose the 1000 dollars. I am not trying to consistently play 1-2 yet!


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      If you've studied 100BB deep play and basically all of the CGMC is 100BB deep, play 100BB deep. Buy in for $200 and keep $300-$800 in $25 chips in your bag or pocket or whatever, add on everytime you go below $175.


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        yes I agree 5 buy ins should be plently unless you just run into the worst set up ever.