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No limit cash games illegal in my state. Options?

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  • No limit cash games illegal in my state. Options?

    I live in Minnesota where no limit cash games are illegal. is a large spread limit game my best option?

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    I play a lot in Arizona and there it’s technically spread limit but the limit is like $500, so for the $3 bb game and the $5 bb game, it plays almost exactly the same.


    • 80GradeScrewball
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      watching the videos Jonathan says live games are easier the online. However is that advantage erased in large spread limit games since im guessing the recreational players with be drawn towards the smaller spreads?

    • JFletch2323
      JFletch2323 commented
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      In Arizona there is one game with a $300 limit and one with a $500 limit and there are plenty of bad recreational players in both.