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Can hero c bet range 1/5pot without much ev loss?

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  • Can hero c bet range 1/5pot without much ev loss?

    Online 500zoom nlhm 100 bb eff.
    Hero opens LJ, BB 3-bets, hero 4-bets, BB calls.
    Pot - 51bb. Flop - 8d4h2c.
    BB checks range.

    1) Can hero use 20% pot size bet to c bet full range without much ev loss? (assuming that both ranges are "not out of line")
    2)If hero chooses to use 25% bet and mix in some checks backs and low freq jamms, why does solver chooses to c bet at a higher freq AKoff with Ah as opposed to other AKoffs?
    Is it because AhKc, AhKs, AhKd all unblock villains backdoor Ahigh flush possibilities?

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    I would think in a 4-bet pot a flop like this doesn’t change the range advantage much since neither of you should connect much with this. It’s basically a question of whose overpaid is higher or which of you just has AK. Given that you were the aggressor and have position, I would think you’re good to cbet 100 percent of the time. And also a small cbet is ok because you probably aren’t worried about draws.