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Playing it safe in a tourney vs. maximizing value

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  • Playing it safe in a tourney vs. maximizing value

    Just got done watching JL's video on the differences between cash games and tournaments and he discussed stack preservation and passing on more thin value bets in tourneys. He was mostly talking about things like checking TP on the turn, but it got me to thinking about a hand I just played last night in a tourney.

    Villain and I both have about 100 bbs, and we are two of the top 3 stacks with 21 players left and nine paid. He's also one of the better players, and can be very aggressive, although I had cooled him off lately (against me anyway) but trapping him and snapping off some of his bluffs.

    I raise in MP with JJ and he 3 bets from the BTN. I call. Flop is ATx and he bets half pot and I call. Turn is a T and it goes check-check. River is J, giving me a boat.

    I didn't think checking to induce a bluff would be good because of how he'd cooled off against me, and his check on the turn suggested a weak hand that might check behind (AQ, AK, KK, QQ or even 99). I bet about 2/3 pot and he raised 3x. Obviously I'm not folding, but calling still left me about 20 bbs. So the question is whether to call or stick the rest of my stack in with a 3-bet.

    Part of me thinks the only hands that beat me are AA and TT so I am ahead enough to not leave anything on the table. But those hands are well within his range, and even though there are only 4 combos of those, there are perhaps only 6 or 7 other combos hands he's 3-betting for "value" that I'm beating (ATs, AJ, JTs). So should I just save that last 20 bbs instead of taking that 30-40 percent chance of going broke?

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    With a hand as strong as ours I'm just getting it in.

    He should also have some combos of KQ in his range which are likely to call off.


    • JFletch2323
      JFletch2323 commented
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      Oh yeah, I totally overlooked the fact that KQ makes a straight. That also fits the pattern with a cbet on the flop and then a check on the turn. I guess that makes enough combos to get the rest of it in.

      Obviously, he had AA. Just a cooler.

    • LondonImp
      LondonImp commented
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      What he actually had doesn't really matter. As long as we're confident in our read, and we know that our decision is +ev in the long-run, then all is good.